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“What is the most reputable detective agency in Central Vietnam?”, “Cost of hiring a detective to monitor in Central?” or “What is the cheapest service to investigate an adulterous husband of a detective company in Central?” These are 3 of the many questions asked when there is a need to hire investigation services to provide information in Central.

I. Many customers have chosen Hanh Phuc detective service in Central

Detective Hanh Phuc is a long-established private detective company in Central Vietnam. We have many years of professional operation in the detective industry. Hanh Phuc brand is closely associated with the life needs of the people in the Central region. Our motto is to bring the best detective services, help customers solve problems and difficulties in daily life.

Detective Hanh Phuc Central also tries to contribute to maintaining order and protecting a healthy environment in the community. According to statistics, Detective Hanh Phuc receives nearly a lot of customers using the service every year. In the period 2015 – 2021, the number of customers hiring detectives in Hanh Phuc increased significantly. This shows that the Happy Detective Service in Central Vietnam is increasingly receiving high trust from customers.

“The Numbers Talk” is living proof of service quality. Many of our VIP clients have chosen to stay in touch with us over the years. A large percentage of customers also continue to hire detectives for the second time.

We understand the culture and lifestyle of the people in the Central region, deeply research and analyze emerging issues, and are well-versed in the travel map and many features of the area. Therefore, Hanh Phuc Detective Company ensures to bring customers the most perfect and excellent service quality.

Some outstanding advantages of Happy Detective Services in the Central region are as follows:

1.1 Representative office located in Central region Customers can go directly to Hanh Phuc’s office in Central to work. We have a clear office so that our customers do not encounter fraudulent “ghost addresses” or difficulties in remote cooperation. Address of the office of Hanh Phuc Detective Company in Central: Office Building 2-9, 168 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, City. Danang

1.2 Absolute confidentiality of information Customer information will be kept confidential, only the Happy side and the customer know. We do not disclose information to any 3rd party unrelated to cooperation. Information will be destroyed immediately after the customer agrees with the results and payment ends the service.

1.3 Strict information censorship Information is collected by various means and tools, including: cameras, cameras, recorders, navigation… We will analyze and synthesize information scientifically before sending it to customers. . Ensure 100% true results, high legal value and diverse information. Customers can fully confirm the results before paying and ending the contract.

1.4 The cost of hiring a detective in the Central region is reasonable

Average cost of hiring a detective: 1,000,000 VND – 1,500,000 VND/working day.

Costs can be exchanged and adjusted to suit each customer’s needs. Any surcharges incurred are transparent, clear and informed in advance to our customers.

1.5 A team of private detectives in the Central region with many years of experience Detectives working at Hanh Phuc all have clear backgrounds. The senior management team comes from the police, military and lawyers with many years of experience. Detectives are recruited from discharged soldiers, security guards, bodyguards and locals. All personnel are professionally trained and have worked in the Central region for many years.

1.6 Application of advanced detective equipment 4.0 Hanh Phuc is one of the leading private detective companies in terms of modern equipment for investigation and information collection. We own new detective equipment such as car locator, motorcycle locator, micro camera, eavesdropping device… Therefore, the results are guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

1.7 Free consultation 24/7 via Hotline/ Zalo/ Viber The need to hire a detective often arises unexpectedly from customers. Therefore, Happy Detective is always in an active state to support customers. We operate all days of the week, including weekends and holidays.

1.8. Various detective services The system of more than 30 services of Detective Hanh Phuc is suitable for the needs of customers in the Central market. We constantly update new services to put into use, helping customers to comprehensively handle all their difficulties and problems.

II. The preeminent Central detective services at Hanh Phuc professional detective company:

1. Central marriage and family detective service:

– Investigation service to monitor adultery: This is the outstanding service of Detective Hanh Phuc. 70% of customers who come to us are using the cheating husband tracking service. We will provide information about your loved ones: where to go, what to do, meet who has photos and videos for you to take as evidence of adultery.

– Child management service: You do not have time to manage your children, you want to know your children’s time away from home: where to go, whether to go to school, what to do, who to play with, etc. Happiness can be completely trusted. We will protect, care, manage your children’s education, direct your children not to go down a bad path.

– Lineage investigation service: this is a service highly appreciated by many customers at Hanh Phuc to investigate bloodline: father – child, mother – child, brother – sister, …. We will take DNA samples: hair, nails of the subject secretly and test the DNA at the request of the customer.

– Service of investigating the fiancé: You want to know the relationships of the fiancé, his or her family background. Come to Happiness, all information about your fiancé will be provided by us and kept completely confidential so as not to affect your relationship.

– Family Information Investigation Service: Just need to know the identity card or full name/year of birth of a person, customers can have all information about that person’s family: spouses, siblings (no. phone number, office address, name, year of birth of each person)

2. Central business detective service:

– Company internal investigation detective service: Your company has a theft that you suspect is inside the company? You want to investigate how your key employee’s background is, where to go outside of office hours? … Happy will secretly investigate for you, so that you have the information you want:

– Detective services to investigate other businesses: “Know the enemy, know we will win a hundred battles” This statement is not wrong, in this day and age, every business wants to find out its business partners or business competitors. Who is the current competitive industry? Hanh Phuc will provide customers with the following information about the business you want to investigate: financial potential, management apparatus, business capacity, company employee information…

– Detective service to find the source of goods, fake goods: Your business is in trouble because of the information that there are fake goods that are counterfeits of your products at a much cheaper price in the market. We will assist in finding the source of counterfeit goods, and assist you in legal matters.

– Detective service of bad debt recovery: “Your money must go to your pocket” we receive bad debt documents, to plan a meeting, exchange, debt recovery from our partners. customer.

3. Telephone detective service:

– Service to find the owner of the phone number: With any phone number, Hanh Phuc can provide the following information: full name, CMT number, photo, home address, work, family situation for customers

– Phone number locating service: Locating the phone number that the customer requested is in the area – Service to get list of incoming and outgoing calls to any: Outgoing and incoming call list of any subscriber number you want to check.

– Phone number tracking service: Track the phone through software installed on the phone of the customer requested by the customer.

4. Other private detective services:

– License plate owner information investigation service: Our detective office helps customers get accurate information about license plate registration fraud, causing accidents.

– Real Estate Information Investigation Service: Support to provide information about the real estate that you intend to buy or want to investigate.

– Information service for lawyers’ offices: providing information for lawyers to settle legal proceedings. – Social insurance lookup service: Job, payroll, working time… of the insured.

– Personal bodyguard rental service: Security of property in case of dispute- ensuring the safety of VIP individuals’ lives.

– Detective service for foreigners and overseas Vietnamese: This is a service for overseas residents who are not living in Central Vietnam.

– Banking detective service: get account holder information, print bank account statement available in Vietnam.

Along with many other services, customers and readers can refer to the “SERVICES” section on the upper menu of the website.

III. The process of hiring a detective in the Central region at the office of Hanh Phuc Detective Company

For the convenience of our customers, we have drafted a cooperation process. Customers will not be confused and lose time when they first hire detective services.

3.1 Prepare information.

Customers should prepare information about the object/event to be investigated. Preparing information in advance helps shorten time and reduce costs for customers.

3.2 Contact consultants at Hanh Phuc Detective Company.

Customers can choose 2 contact methods: Hotline or mailbox @gmail.com. Based on the request and the information provided, we will provide a preliminary cost report to the customer.

3.3 Meet and exchange.

Customers will have a meeting with the Board of Directors of Hanh Phuc to discuss the work. This will help the two sides understand each other’s requirements and purposes, avoiding misunderstandings in the cooperation process.

3.4 Agree and sign the contract.

Based on the exchange and agreement on the terms, the representative of Hanh Phuc will draft the contract. Detective contract document signed and stamped by the director. Each party will keep a copy of the contract during the cooperation.

3.5 Payment.

Service fees will be divided into 2 installments for payment.

Phase 1, customers pay 50% of the total cost after signing the contract. Phase 2, the customer pays the remaining 50% after agreeing with the handover result.

3.6 Investigation.

Detective Hanh will conduct an investigation based on the client’s request. We will continuously notify the results on a daily basis for customers to follow.

3.7 End of investigation.

After handing over all information, the investigation process will be closed if the customer has agreed to the results. We will save additional customer information within 7 days to assist when problems arise. After that, all information about the cooperation process will be destroyed immediately.