Service in the North


“What is the most reputable detective agency in the North?”, “The cost of hiring a detective to monitor in the North?” or “Which is the cheapest detective agency’s cheating husband investigation service in the North?” These are 3 of the many questions asked when there is a need to hire investigation services to provide information in the North.

Many customers have chosen Hanh Phuc detective service in the North

Detective Hanh Phuc is a long-established private detective company in the North. We have many years of professional operation in the detective industry. Hanh Phuc brand is closely associated with the life needs of the people in the North. Our motto is to bring the best detective services, help customers solve problems and difficulties in daily life.

Northern Happiness Detective also tries to contribute to the maintenance of order and the protection of a healthy environment in the community. According to statistics, Detective Hanh Phuc receives nearly a lot of customers using the service every year. In the period 2015 – 2021, the number of customers hiring detectives in Hanh Phuc increased significantly.

This shows that the Happy Detective Service in the North is increasingly receiving high trust from customers. “The Numbers Talk” is living proof of service quality. Many of our VIP clients have chosen to stay in touch with us over the years. A large percentage of customers also continue to hire detectives for the second time.

We understand the culture and lifestyle of the people in the North, deeply research and analyze emerging issues, and are well-versed in the travel map and many features of the area. Therefore, Hanh Phuc Detective Company ensures to bring customers the most perfect and excellent service quality.